GEVA Juniors 2017-2018– Inclement Weather Policy


When will we cancel?
GEVA makes every effort to fulfill our commitment to teams and clubs by
conducting all scheduled tournaments. Sometimes things get in the way. Our
inclement weather practice has been to hold the tournament if at all possible
(even if some teams are more effected than others).
Exceptions are made in dangerous situations, and those beyond our control. If
the weather is bad, (snow and ice) your safety is paramount. Do not drive if it
you don’t feel safe.
Why do we cancel?>
We will cancel for two reasons.
1. The staff determines the weather and driving conditions are too hazardous.
2. If the facility where we are holding tournament cancels our access.
When do I know?
When possible, a decision is made prior to 9 pm the evening prior. If a situation
worsens overnight, the decision is adjusted prior to 5:30 am the day of the
tournament. Once cancelled, we will not have a mind change.
How do I know?
We will send information through webpoint to Cub directors, and AES to
participating Clubs. We will also post on juniors and home page of
Safety is paramount.
Do not drive if it you don’t feel safe.
Westchester Pride Practice Cancellation
Primary coaches will reach out to athletes incase of cancellation, It is the athletes responsibility to relay this message to parents.
Cancellations will also be posted on the website.