Westchester Pride’s 2018/19 club season

Welcome to Westchester Pride’s  10th club season.

We look forward to working with our returning and new athletes.

About Us:

    • Westchester Pride Volleyball Club is a volleyball club originating in Hartsdale, NY and now

serving many counties through out the state of NY both Rockland and Westchester.

It was formed in 2008 for the purpose of exposing more athletes in the north east to the sport

of volleyball.

 Westchester Pride is currently a volleyball club with programs from developmental to

competitive for ages 10 – 18.

 Pride athletes ages 11 and up participate in competitive tournaments sponsored by USA

Volleyball. Tournaments are located within the tristate region normally around 1 – 2 hrs from

our main sites.

 Girls Club (12 and up) season runs from Dec – April/ May.

Club Goals:

 To promote the game and increase awareness in the northeast,

 To provide a place and opportunities where athletes can learn and grow in the sport.

 To have athletes improve their skill set while having a positive club volleyball experience.

 To push and challenge our athlete so that they continuously strive for excellence.

 To guide athlete through High School and provide them the tools for collegiate recruiting.

Expectations from Athletes:

To accomplish our goals we expect the following from our athletes:

 ​Commitment to team – practice and tournament attendance

 Positive frame of mind and Sportsmanship on and off the court whether we win or lose

 Respect of Teammates, other athletes, refs/coaches and playing facilities.


PRIDE works very hard at keeping club fees as low as possible because our goal is to make club volleyball

available to as many girls as possible that want to play. Based on research of other area clubs, we

believe that our fees are one of the lowest in the area for the amount of practice, play and equipment

the athletes receive.

Included in club fees are:

 Tournament entry fees,

 GEVA fees for coaches and club,

 Insurance,

 uniforms,

 coaches fees, certifications

 med kits/balls, ball carts, training equipment

 player Down Ref and Scoring clinics and

 Practice facility rentals.

Practice Facilities

Our practices will be held:

 From Dec – April/ May at:


o Westchester Community College  12u – 18u  Mon/Wed 7pm-9pm

o Chestnut Ridge Middle School ages tbd  Tue/Thu 7pm-9pm

Our existing Regional teams (13-18) are highly competitive teams at the club level. They compete in 5

regional tournaments

Attendance at practice is crucial for a team to be a cohesive unit and play well together. Practices

missed can result in disruption to the team while in competition and delays in learning. Therefore, it is

our club policy that all practices are mandatory unless a valid excuse is given prior to the practice and

the Head coach’s acceptance given.

 Failure to attend practice(s) may result in reduced play at tournaments.

 Failure to attend a tournament without the Head coach’s prior knowledge and acceptance may

potentially result in no play at the following tournament.

 Poor attendance is not fair to other team members and occasionally can cause undue

resentment in the team.


 All of our teams 13 and up will compete at tournaments within the tristate area.

 It is our philosophy to pursue and register for single day tournaments that are regional (within a

two hour drive from practice sites).

Team Travel Policy

 It is the parent’s responsibility to get the athlete to and from the tournament location or make

other arrangements. This applies to single-day or multi-day tournaments.


 Our excellent and qualified coaching staff is one with decades of experience working with young

athlete from elementary to high school levels.

 Our coaches have either played at universities, and or coached for many years at different


 Prior to the first practice, we will provide you with the name of the coach or coaches that will be

assigned to your team.

 Coaches Impact and safe sport certified.

Play vs Practice Time:

Athletes that join our club, join to improve their skills through practice. While your coach will try to find

the immediate skills that an athlete brings to the team during match play, it is not always immediately

possible. Therefore play time in tournaments is never guaranteed. Some players will play more than


Athletes are given equal opportunity to improve their skills, strengths and strategic understanding of the

game through practice. This is where athletes are given an opportunity to show their coach that they

deserve more time on the court. Athletes must continuously demonstrate that they belong on the

court. They must continuously compete for their position and tournament play time.

It is our policy that club members pay for equal practice time and not play time. Play time is earned


Selection Process

Players will be selected for a team based on the following:

 Skill level & Registration selection of team level.

 Ability to fill a position and the need for a certain qty of players at that position

 Works well with instruction and coaching.

 Age ( if two athletes of similar skill one 15 and the other 16 and both are trying out for a 16 year

old team we will take the 16 year old and place the 15 year old on a second 16 year old team or

on the 15 year old team).

 Vocal: Works and Communicates well on the court with other team members.

 Positive attitude

Players will NOT be selected based on previous history with the coaches or the club.

While we do not want to cut players who tryout, we will not exceed the amount of players per team

necessary to compete effectively, which we believe for ages 12 and up to be a minimum of 8 and a

maximum of 13. If needed to athletes will be accepted into a second level team for their age group.

Need one volunteer from each team to act as team parent please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Acceptance process

If accepted into one of our teams you will be notified on the last day of. You will have 72 hours after to

respond via email or parents meeting that you are accepting this offer. No offer will be binding until

your deposit and email have been received.

Additional Requirements for accepting an offer:

Parents must read, sign and submit these two forms:

1. GEVA Recruiting and Commitment Policy (Bring to first practice)

2. GEVA Parents’ Guide to Club Volleyball (Bring to first practice —-Link will be posted to website)

3. $500.00 Initial Payment

For more information please email us at westchesterpridevbc@yahoo.com or call Coach T at 845-825-

7256 or visit our website at westchesterpridevbc.com